Yoon & Yang’s Construction Practice consists of attorneys who have accumulated high levels of expertise and experience by handling various cases that arise in the real estate and construction practice areas. The Practice offers all legal services from litigation (including arbitration) and advisory services in an effective and professional manner related to all areas of real estate and construction, including various domestic and foreign real estate transactions, construction works, reconstruction, redevelopment, and other improvement projects, urban development projects, SOC projects, and large special facility construction, among others.

In particular, the Practice provides holistic legal services, including advisory and litigation services for general and typical construction-related disputes—such as disputes related to change in design, disputes related to turnkey construction contracts, disputes related to various defects and unit-sale agreements, overheads, liquidated damages, and others in government-ordered construction works—and advisory and litigation services for the entire process from the tender to the construction stage of overseas construction. Especially in international and domestic arbitration cases and local and domestic litigation proceedings that arise in connection with overseas construction, it delivers effective legal dispute response services to clients in collaboration with foreign partner organizations as well as its own professionals. Therefore, many clients including construction companies regard Yoon & Yang as a good business partner that does much more than simply play the role of a legal advisor.

Yoon & Yang’s Construction Practice is comprised of specialized attorneys with excellent track records who handled numerous issues related to real estate and construction during the many years of their service in courts, related agencies, construction companies, and others, and they offer swift and accurate legal services that satisfy the various needs of clients based on their specialized professional knowledge and experience. Moreover, the Practice offers organized legal services by inviting specialized attorneys in other areas to participate where necessary depending on the case and is enhancing its reputation by satisfying the needs and expectations of clients through its organic and effective cooperation and liaison with other specialized organizations.