The market size and importance of shipping and logistics are quickly increasing compared to the past. Especially with the popularization of the contactless lifestyle, shipping and logistics have become more than just “shipping” in the traditional sense as it converged with information technologies, resulting in an increased number of related disputes. In the shipping and logistics area, Yoon & Yang meets clients’ needs and maximizes the benefits enjoyed by them by handling various transactions and disputes in a professional manner on behalf of all shipping and logistics stakeholders, including domestic and foreign shipping companies, airlines, delivery and other logistics companies, freight forwarders, agencies, passengers, and shippers.

Given that shipping and logistics cases always include jurisdiction and governing law issues and are characterized by complicated legal relationships due to the involvement of multinational parties, Yoon & Yang possesses a dedicated team of specialized domestic and foreign attorneys and support staff with advanced professional knowledge and considerable hands-on experience in the field for handling such cases, and offers legal services that satisfy clients by closely working with foreign law firms that are globally recognized and have the right expertise especially when handling legal affairs in foreign and international matters.

Key Services

  • Building, conversion, repair, chartering, and trading of ships
  • Ship financing
  • Trading, leasing, and financing of aircrafts
  • Maritime and aviation insurance
  • Various maritime and aviation accidents and disputes (means of shipping, such as vessels and aircrafts, passengers, freight, and others)
  • Legal advice on various international treaties and conventions (the Warsaw Convention, the Montreal Convention, and others), domestic and foreign laws and rules
  • Resolving and advising on other disputes related to shipping and logistics

Representative Cases

  • Advised on a shipbuilding agreement and the introduction of a newly built vessel
  • Offered overall advice on a financial advisor agreement, a ship financing agreement, a vessel purchase agreement, and others related to the purchase of a large foreign cruise ship
  • Advised on a dispute among a freight forwarder, an air carrier, and an insurer that arose due to damaged air freight, whose shipping was arranged by a multinational logistics company, and handled the related litigation
  • Advised on a dispute related to the creation and management of an aircraft fund
  • Offered advice to many domestic and foreign clients in connection with Hanjin Shipping’s rehabilitation and represented and advised them in the filing of rehabilitation claims, and others
  • Handled a litigation worth hundreds of billions of Korean won regarding a shipbuilding agreement filed due to the poor underwriting of RG (refund guarantee) insurance and purchasing of foreign reinsurance (obtained a fully favorable decision)
  • Offered various advice to the Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation and represented the same in litigation against a foreign ship owner, a foreign P&I, and the IOPC Fund in connection with the Taean oil spill case caused by the Hebei Spirit
  • Offered various advice to a shipping company and represented the same in a case regarding a dispute that arose among many stakeholders, including a shipyard, technology provider (technology owner), and the shipping company, due to the suspension of operation of a large LNG carrier caused by a defect, where the carrier was built by applying a new domestic LNG tank technology